Make Your Own Consultation Platform With Soul Shiva

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You Want To Join Soul Shiv

The Soul Shiv gives you a Great Opportunity for taking Consultation

Join Soul Shiv Consultation Platform Where You Can Take Consultation 

Here I give you some Guide to joining the soul shiv consultation platform

First, you have to sign up or login into

The Website Home Page You Can see the button for Joining Consultation Platform Click the button and Fill in your All details as per require 

If Your Details are Suitable or correct for consultation Platform. the admin will contact you and send an approved notification Via Email

Once Admin Approved Your Application for regarding Consultation Platform 

Then You Can Find a Booknetic Dashboard from your soul shiv Account there you can Take Your Consultation as well

Their You Can see All Appointments or Your Customer Panel Etc….

Here I Guide How you to create  your Services with Time Slots 

This Is the Most Importance Topic for Consultation Platform

When You Enter Your Booknetic Dashboard There You Can Find Service Tab Click This Tab and Create your consultation Services and Time Slots as per your concern area.

Here I Guide on How you to create  your Zoom Meetings 

When Someone Customer are Booked an appointments to Your appointments Section

The Booking Showing your Dashboard and zoom Link will be created automatically into your zoom account 

then you can visit your zoom account and join meetings as well 

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